Why Opt For Cannabis Strains With High THC Content?

Why Opt For Cannabis Strains With High THC Content?

Beyond any doubt, Cannabis cultivation is big business. Apart from the numerous cannabis companies, individuals are also getting into cultivating cannabis like never before.

You can choose from a huge range of cannabis strains, with each strain containing a unique amount of key compounds like CBD and THC.

As a matter of fact, it is the ingredient that leads to the so-called psychoactive feeling;  also known as cerebral buzz. THC gets into your bloodstream and then binds with the cannabinoid receptor.

Based on the percentage of THC in a strain, the intensity and duration of the euphoric feeling will vary.

Why People go for Strains With High Level of THC?

For a number of reasons, cannabis users go for the strain with a high amount of THC. 

The experienced users are capable of coping with high levels of THC, with some users feeling that using such THC heavy strains help enhance their creative skills. While there is a perception that using CBD-based strains offers enhanced medical benefits, the reality is that some THC strains, and hybrid strains with a good amount of THC, also offer considerable clinical benefits. For a portion of users, the strong aroma, and flavor of certain THC-centric cannabis strains, acts as a magnet.

You Need to be Careful When Using THC Heavy Strains

It is important that you practice caution and moderation when using any THC heavy strain. This is more applicable if you are new to using cannabis. Not everyone has a similar tolerance level for THC.

Using THC in elevated amounts can lead to the onset of anxiety attacks or kick in a sense of paranoia. It has also been seen that low and high doses of THC create opposite effects on the same person. For example, using THC in low amounts can boost blood flow in the body. However, using it in excessive amounts reduces blood flow.

Scientists and doctors are of the view that compounds present in cannabis do impact people from different age groups in different ways. This is also true of THC. Some people may get more affected by this THC than others. Young adults and teenagers get more impacted because their brains are still in the development stage. Quite a number of studies have supported the theory.

It is important to remember that a lot of studies conducted on cannabis were done using low amounts of THC. There can be undesirable results in using a high amount of THC.

There are plenty of cannabis strains with elevated amounts of THC. You can pick from the following or experiment until you find the right one.

  • Cookies Gelato – It has THC levels of 28%. The sweet aroma is tantalizing and you get a relaxed feeling preceded by a euphoric burst. Do not try this if you are not a veteran user of cannabis.
  • Bruce Banner – Rightly named after the superhero character loved by millions, Bruce Banner is a robust hybrid strain with an average THC level of 23%. It offers a powerful cerebral buzz that lasts long.
  • Royal Gorilla – With a THC percentage of 26% it is a favorite with seasoned cannabis users. The hybrid strain has an amazing zesty citrus flavor and kicks in a strong euphoric feeling. You also feel the scent of pine.
  • Green Gelato – If you have a sweet tooth then this THC-centric strain will entice you. The sweet flavor includes the scent of mint, berry, fruits, and cookies. It has an approximate THC level of 27%.

You may also try out strains like Hulkberry, with a fruity taste and 27% THC level, and Triple G, known for its stress-busting properties.

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