Top Relaxing Cannabis Strains

Top Relaxing Cannabis Strains

People resort to so many different things for relaxation. For some people, relaxation is akin to soothing music and drinks while others seek relaxation in sauna and massage centers. However, there are millions of people who find specific cannabis strains ideal for stress-busting and relaxation.

It is a fact that you can seek solace in cannabis when you are stressed, tired, or anxious for any reason. But, just like with almost any cannabis strain, you will have to pick the right one. Not all marijuana strains will offer you relaxation, and choosing inapt strains can generate the opposite effect!

Picking the Right Cannabis Strain for Relaxation

Cannabis plants contain many compounds and they play pivotal roles in creating a specific impact on the body and mind. THC and CBD are two major ingredients in cannabis strains. If you choose a strain heavy in cannabis, you will get a strong cerebral buzz and you may feel paranoia too. CBD based strains, on the other hand, produce a sedative effect and induce a relaxed feeling. However, some hybrid strains with a greater amount of CBD are also good for relaxation.

The top Cannabis Strains That are Ideal for Relaxation

There are several CBD heavy strains that are used by people seeking relaxation and stress-busting. However, you have to think of factors like penchant for aroma and flavor, availability, etc. Listed below are some popular cannabis strains that are widely used for relaxing:


It is also called Original glue. After using this strain, you will feel chatty, but a couch-lock sensation will hit you after a while. This strain creates a lasting relaxation effect and you may want to try it after a grueling day at the office.  You can enjoy it alone.


Do you like inhaling fruity aromas? If the answer is yes, this could be the right strain for you. It is made by mixing Grape Ape and Grapefruit. The sweet berry smell will linger on your nostrils for a very long time.


Remedy is CBD heavy strain which is ideal to fight melancholy.  Its aroma and flavor will make you enthralled. This strain has a mix of earthy, woody, and sweet scent that will make you glued.

Strawberry Cough

It may seem a weird contender in this list since it is a THC heavy strain. THC levels are as high as 23%. However, for veteran marijuana users it is the means for relaxation. The new users should give it a miss. It generates a relaxing effect much after you consume it.


If you are looking for CBD-heavy hybrid strains to chill out, this is a perfect strain. It is made by blending a number of landrance stains. The citrus flavor will make you enticed and its effects set in without much delay.

Mr. Nice

Mr. Nice is a popular Indica-heavy strain. It is named after Howard Marks, a noted cannabis activist, and entrepreneur, who also wrote a biography with the same title. A cross between Hash plant and G-13, Mr. Nice has THC levels of 20%. The intense high it produces is succeeded by a relaxing sensation. This strain melts away anxiety and stress. You may also use it to get relief from body aches and pains.

Bubba Kush

Seasoned cannabis lovers often opt for the Kush-line strains for relaxation. It has genetic roots in Northern Lights, Afghani Kush. It has a sweet and earthy aroma and the impact is mostly relaxing. It won’t make you sleepy right away. Instead, you will feel a cerebral buzz and that will melt to an overtly sedating sensation.

Blue Dream

Sometimes, you may be in the mood to relax with a few close friends in such times, this strain is ideal. This is a Sativa dominant mix made by Blueberry and Haze. It may make you goofy and feeling positive. It is great when you want to combat tension and stress.

There are several other strains that you can use for relaxation. However, ensure you go through the reviews online before picking a new strain.

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