The Best Cannabis Strains For Meditation

Meditation and cannabis go hand-in-hand, and the practice is traceable to ancient traditions. Some cultures use marijuana during religious functions and social events to heighten the experiences, while others use it to calm down and relieve both physical and mental stress. However, understanding the link between smoking pot and meditation is essential before you consider infusing cannabis into your meditation practices.

Cannabis has potent therapeutic and psychoactive effects, so while you may benefit from its medicinal properties, you should always watch for adverse effects. This also requires reviewing the existing strains, their impact, and potential in meditational practices. According to surveys, 90% of customers read reviews before shopping. It is the easiest way to determine if any given strain or dispensary is as good as advertised, so you should always research each strain.  

Some cannabis strains offer potent results for your meditation sessions, while others may not be so effective. Perse, it means different strains would work differently for distinct individuals, so it is essential to determine your unique experiences and requirements. Below is a brief overview of six best cannabis strains for meditation:

Blue Dream

The Best Cannabis Strains For Meditation 1

This hybrid cannabis strain offers a calm yet potent buzz that allows you to reach the zen within and relax both your mind and body, but the blue dream is a meditation enthusiast’s best bet for several reasons. Its cerebral euphoria and dream-like qualities are perfect for anyone seeking a steady coast into their ethereal state. Blue dream also comes in different flavors, with the blueberry-flavored hybrid achieving the best reviews from seasoned meditators.  It is smooth and highly potent at the same time so that you will realize slow-paced, but steady drift. Because of this, new users find it the obvious choice.


This Sativa hybrid strain leaves you feeling relaxed and uplifted. However, it is a strong strain that suits those who struggle with focus and concentration. The Headband is generally recommendable for medicinal use in reducing anxiety and promoting sleep. It is also perfect for calming down and focusing on your meditation. This strain delivers slow effects, so you shouldn’t worry if the high takes longer. The strain produces thick creamy smoke, sometimes fruit-flavored with lemon or diesel scents. It suits meditators that seek slow but steady drift.

Northern Lights

The Best Cannabis Strains For Meditation 2

Northern lights strain is one of the few indica strains that provide a deep-relaxing dreamy high but still surfaces among the top choices for yoga and other forms of active meditation. The euphoria is different from what most indica strains offer as it does not pull you into sleep. However, its sedative and tranquilizing effects carry a potency that suits active meditation such as yoga, yin, and contemplation. What’s more, northern light has potent therapeutic effects that will leave you calm and relaxed.One can procure high quality northern lights strain from a reputed seed shop.

Sour Jack

Sour Jack has a lemon flavor that makes it perfect for those who like flavored experiences. It also provides sweet earthy undertones and diesel flavor. This hybrid Sativa strain is a crossbreed between Sour Diesel and Jack Herer strains. As such, it carries the therapeutic potential of both strains and leaves you feeling uplifted after meditation. While Sour Jack comes in varied THC concentrations, it has a strong sedative high that can put you to sleep if you consume a large quantity within a short time. This strain suits post-meditation.

Green Crack

 Green crack is a high-energy hybrid strain that invigorates the mind to create a buzz that alleviates any feelings of anxiety and depression. This strain will leave you with better focus and also elevates your moods. Because of its sharp energy and thought inducing potential, this strain is ideal for meditation practices that involve envisioning your dreams, future, and success. Green crack is pure cannabis that also comes in tropical tangy, fruity flavors like mango. It suits contemplation meditation practices.

Lambs Bread 

Lamb’s bread is one of the cannabis strains with a fantastic reputation for bringing out positive vibes and good feelings. It has an earthy, woody aroma that has an uplifting yet calming effect on the mind. Many users compare it to the vibes of Bob Marley and it has quite a soothing effect that makes it ideal for meditation. Lamb’s bread is perfect for outdoor yoga and meditation practices in the wild. However, you can still use it indoors to peaceful, uplifting experiences.


There are several other reliable strains for meditation, including Laughing Buddha, GHC, Hindu Kush and Jack the Ripper, among others. It is essential to compare various strains available on the market to find the best cannabis strains for meditation. You can find high-quality, potent cannabis with the potential to heighten your experiences during meditation significantly. Make sure you shop from credible licensed retailers that can guarantee top quality products. 

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