The Amazing History of Haze Strains

The abundance of cannabis strains on the market can make you amazed, literally. The number of hybrid strains available also keeps growing with time. However, tracing the root of several such popular hybrid strains will lead you back to a couple of the classic haze strains.

The genetic root of the Sativa makes them cherishable, say veteran cannabis users. However, certain aspects of the history and root of the haze strain remain unclear to date.

The Fascinating History and Evolution of the Haze Strains

As per the Cannabis Legends, the original Haze strain was developed in the 1970s in California’s Santa Cruz region by two Haze brothers, thus leading to the name. They initially blended a Colombian landrace with a Mexican one. The outcome was a unique cannabis flower with an enticing mix of spicy terpenes and earthy, citrus notes. The Haze brothers later got in touch with David Watson, who shaped the Haze strains into what they are. When Watson relocated to Amsterdam, he brought a large number of seeds; including the original haze!

The Amazing History of Haze Strains 1

Watson later collaborated with Neville Schoenmakers – a noted scientist and cannabis breeder. That led to the creation of the iconic Neville’s Haze. At the same time, the Seed Bank was started. This was the root of hundreds of haze strains that you can find nowadays.

The Haze Brothers made a strain that was hard to deal with. After experimenting and mixing with some potent strains, Watson and Robert Clarke came up with what is known as the Original Haze. It was remarkable for being a 100 % Sativa hybrid. The mind-blowing effect, wood, and citrus scent made it a runaway hit. The Original Haze served as the root of the upcoming hybrid Haze strains.

Despite the popularity and cult status, not everyone is capable of handling Haze strains. The strong buzz and pure Sativa genetics make these out of reach for beginners.

Neville’s Haze

Neville’s Haze strains are iconic but its origin remains shrouded in mystery. How Neville Schoenmaker actually obtained the Haze seeds is unclear. The theory of him collaborating with Sam The Skunkman has been challenged a number of times. Neville’s Haze is a hybrid that offers a buzz and also makes you giggly. It is ideal for daytime consumption.

Silver Haze

This is a popular and classic Sativa strain with a dubious origin. It was possibly created by Sensi seeds. The cerebral buzz generated by it is strong but that does not make you anxious. The THC levels are quite high.

Lemon Haze

The name indicates the dominant flavor in this hybrid strain. The citrus-flavored strain makes you feel uplifted soon after usage. However, it also makes you feel light. The aftereffect is more relaxing.

Purple Haze

A very popular hybrid, Purple Haze is known for being associated with a popular Jimmy Hendrix song. It delivers a cerebral high that lasts for some time. The blend of earthy and sweet flavors is amazing. A sense of relaxation follows the initial buzz. The flowers have a dark purple hue.

Amnesia Haze

Developed by Amsterdam-based Soma seeds, Amnesia Haze has an amazing mix of citrus, lemon, and berry scent. You will also get an earthy note. The buzz induced by it makes you feel energetic and happy. It does not make you hyper, but it is a good option to treat cases of mood disorders and stress.

Super Silver Haze

It is not the same as silver haze. Super Silver Haze is known for its powerful uplifting effect. It was created by the Green House Seed Company in the 1980s. The earthy smell and spicy scent are simply amazing. It is also known for its appetite boosting effect.

Mango Haze

Mango Haze is a hybrid with a mix of mango and citrus flavors. You will also get an earthy tone in it. The relaxed euphoria created by it is loved by the users. This strain also has some therapeutic benefits.

Other Variants

Of course, you can pick from some other Haze hybrid strains too. The notable ones are Cannalope Haze, a fast-hitting variant with a soaring cerebral buzz, and Blue Haze, a sunny climate strain that offers a tantalizing Blueberry scent.

Citrus flavor lovers can also go for the Super Lemon Haze. Cannabis lovers also look for Green Finger Haze, a high THC strain that is hard to find.

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