Honest Review of Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain

When you hear of Bruce Banner, you definitely think of the sci-fi human-monster character immortalized known as Hulk! In fact, it is hard to find people who have not heard of Hulk or who have not watched the Avengers and Hulk movie line-ups! 

The character in the film has also inspired the naming of a hybrid marijuana strain. It is a Sativa-based hybrid with THC levels hitting the level of 29%. The CBD level is rather low. The creator of this stain is Dark Horse Genetics. They mixed 2 strains – Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. It is quite popular in Colorado but now the popularity has transcended geographical limits. It is also known by the names like Bruce Banner OG, and Hulk Smash.

Aroma, Appearance, and Flavor

The strain has a sweet and enticing aroma, its name notwithstanding. The flavor is predominantly sweet but you will also experience notes of berries and candy. A strong, pungent smell is felt when you exhale the smoke. The plant exudes berry scent when growing.

The bud looks frosted owing to the layer of resin glands. The green buds are accompanied by brassy orange pistils. It may actually remind you of the bulky green monster!

Growth Information

Bruce Banner strain grows in similar conditions as its parent OG Kush, and it can end up being a large-sized plant. This can make indoor cultivation somewhat hard. The plant grows the best in warm and sunny climates. While indoor cultivation is a bit tough, it is not impossible. It tends to grow bushy and so trimming will be necessary.

One good thing about this hybrid strain is that it is inherently resistant to most pests and mold types. The average flowering period is 10 weeks. If you feed it well and maintain the plants, you can expect generous amounts of yield.


Owing to its elevated THC levels, Bruce Banner delivers a solid cerebral high feeling after consumption. The buzz is pretty euphoric and you will feel highly energized for some time. It is ideal when you want to engage in creative work. This makes the strain ideal for use in the day time. The users often feel like chatting and some may end up giggling every now and then. It can be very good for those seeking the flow of creative ideas.

The buzz however mellows down later and a feeling of relaxation sets in. You might feel tranquil and absolutely relaxed after a couple of hours. In many users, it induces a boost in appetite.

Medicinal cannabis users often prefer this strain. It is said to be quite effective in bringing relief from headaches and chronic pain. It is also good when you want effective relief from stress and depression. If you are suffering from migraine and fatigue – it can be good.

Side Effects

Unless you end up taking it in high doses, there is no need to fret about the adverse effects. Bloodshot eyes and dry mouth are what most users experience but those subside within a short period of time. Besides, these happen with most other cannabis strains. However, overdosing may cause dizziness along with paranoia. You can easily overcome these side effects by staying well hydrated.

Summing It Up

Whether you are a recreational cannabis user or want to use marijuana for treating medical needs, there is no reason not to try this hybrid strain! Bruce Banner is ideal when you want stress relief or a burst of creative ideas. The aroma and berry flavor is amazingly enticing. The strain is not hard to grow and yield is also pretty good. However, the high level of THC is something new users need to be careful about.

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