Cannabinoids And The Human Immune System

The health benefits offered by cannabis are numerous. The plant extracts have been used by people since ancient times in order to cure a wide range of ailments and conditions.

It is very effective in treating sleeping woes, pains, and inflammation, and different findings have supported the theory. Not everything about cannabis and its numerous ingredients are well understood by science! The existing data and studies suggest that there is some sort of connection between the human immune system and the endocannabinoid system.

When the human body encounters rogue cells or pathogens, the immune system reacts by causing inflammation, in most cases. The white blood cells accumulate in large numbers to target invading, foreign cells. It is actually the human body’s default defense mechanism.

A lot of players are also involved in such battles – such as proteins like lymphocytes, cytokines, and many other agents.

How Is The Immune System And Endocannabinoid System Linked?

The human body has two kinds of receptors, CB2 and CB1. Endocannabinoids that interact with these special receptors are said to regulate many immune system functions. When you use cannabis, its key compounds, like CBD and THC, cause immunosuppressive impact. These agents suppress the active immune responses, to an extent.

When the immune system becomes misbalanced, the immune responses get heightened. This can lead to the onset of chronic inflammation-related ailments and conditions. For people coping with chronic inflammation-based ailments, using cannabinoids can be useful.

Understanding the Nuances of Cannabinoids and Their Effects on Inflammation

CBD is a major cannabinoid that is often credited with reducing pain and inflammation. A number of studies have shown that usage of CBD helps to cope with aches and pains in the body.

The cannabinoids reduce inflammation by suppressing cytokines – a type of protein. TNF-α is one such cytokine that is related to the onset of IBD, and Crohn’s Disease. In some cases, the application of CBD has been seen to bring down TNF-α.

CBD, along with other kinds of cannabinoids, may help in controlling Interleukins – a different type of cytokine. This points out the so-called entourage effect. The idea is that different cannabinoids in the plant can create positive effects by interacting with one another.

A protein that plays a key role in immune regulation is NF-κB. When it is triggered, an inflammatory response is an outcome. CBD as well as cannabis Sativa extract can inhibit the pathway of this protein. Several such components in the human immune system are actually interconnected.

Apoptosis – What is Iit?

Apoptosis is called ‘cell death’. It is another way for the cannabinoids to bring down inflammation. Mostly THC causes apoptosis in different cell types. The studies have shown THC triggers cell death by regulating the CB2 receptors in the body. This makes it suitable for use in destroying rogue cells in the body.

What Does it Mean for Average Cannabis Users?

Whether you use marijuana for relaxing or for getting relief from sleeping woes, the reality is that cannabinoids have proven immuno-suppressive properties. Both CBD and THC can diminish cytokine expression.

However, the exact working mechanism of such cannabinoids is not well understood. Sometimes, using these compounds to treat specific conditions may not be fruitful. CBD is known for its robust inflammation thwarting properties. It is especially helpful for treating chronic inflammation-related conditions.

The experts are of the view that recreational and light cannabis users do not need to worry about immunity getting affected adversely. However, overdosing is what leads to complications. You need to find out which strains works the best for your situation. It is a matter of time before the proper working mechanism of cannabis on ECS gets revealed.

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