7 Cool Cannabis Strains For Different Moods & Situations

7 Cool Cannabis Strains For Different Moods & Situations

There are so many strains of cannabis that finding the right one can seem a tedious task for users. This is more of a challenge if you are new to using cannabis.

There are Sativa and Indica heavy strains suited for specific purposes and then there are the hybrid strains. The variety of aroma and flavors of these strains may make choosing the right one rather hard.

Listed below are some popular marijuana strains suited for use in particular situations:

Chocolope – For A Bright And Enjoyable Experience

When you need a burst of energy, this strain fits in well. The chocolaty aroma energizes your senses. You can smoke or vape it during the sunset or afternoon with a few close friends. The mix of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze will keep you mesmerized for quite some time.

The coffee bean and chocolate hash flavor are too enticing to resist. However, it is somewhat racy and so you must keep an eye on the dosage.

Black Cherry Soda – For An Afternoon Boost

Do you want something to lift your spirits in one of those monsoon afternoons when everything seems languid and slow!

Black Cherry Soda is the best strain in such moods and situations. The dark fruity flavor is enticing and it keeps you energized without making you feel paranoid.

Purple Punch – When You Need Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you find enjoying peaceful slumber tedious? If the answer is yes, you may try using a strain like Purple Punch.

Purple Punch is ideal for use a few hours before hitting the bed at night. It is powerful enough to knock your senses out without making you feel overly sedated. Upon using it, you will feel heaviness and the couch lock effect will kick in. The grape and berry flavor is addictive.

White Widow – For After Workout Time

There are always those days that you need to just relax after a tiring day. This can be felt after a strenuous workout at the gym as well. In such times, a White widow is the right choice for you. The classic strain was bred in Amsterdam and it generates both uplifting and relaxing effects. It may also make you giggle.

Zkittlez – For Pleasing The Taste Buds

Occasionally, you may feel like vaping or smoking a cannabis strain just because it has an enticing aroma and flavor that lingers on the nostrils. In such situations, your best option is Zkittlez.

A cross of Grapefruit and Grape Ape – it generates mild effects. You will feel relaxed but you will stay alert too. and the flavor is so amazingly good that you may feel like you are vaping a purple Popsicle.

Island Sweet Skunk – For Major Mood Boost

Sometimes, you may feel bogged down and that can be owing to work or personal stress. It can also be caused by anxiety about health and career.

In such times you need a mood-boosting agent.

Island Sweet Skunk is the best strain for such times. This is one Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers tropical and citrus flavors. You will feel goofy and giggly after using it.

Are you in the mood to stay couch-locked for a few hours while enjoying a trance-like situation!

Then GMO Cookies will fit in the bill very well. Also called Garlic Cookies, this strain is made by mixing GSC with Chemdog. The unique yet pungent aroma has a mix of skunk, onions, and mushrooms. This is not a strain for beginners.

Things To Keep In Mind

These strains are effective in coping with certain situations. However, you should keep in mind that people have varying penchants for aroma and flavors. Not everyone is fond of citrus and chocolate flavors – for example.

Therefore, you can always experiment with other strains than those mentioned above to suit specific moods and situations. It is prudent that you try new strains in moderation.

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